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Founded in 2009, Pacific Rhythm is a family-owned and operated Polynesian dance group.  We are the only group around that is made solely of a family of six . . . Dad, Mom, and four children!  

                                         Mika (the Chief of the family) is originally from the islands of                                                      Western Samoa. He grew up with music and dancing as it is an i
                                         important part of the culture. He moved from Samoa at the age of 
                                         22 to attend college in Hawaii. There he met Tiffany and they were 
                                         married.  Mika is the emcee, a dancer, and a fire dancer.  

                                        Tiffany (the Mom and costume designer) was born and raised in  
                                        the Pennsylvania and West Virginia areas.  She has always loved  
                                        the Polynesian culture and was very blessed to marry into it!                                                    Tiffany has been dancing since 2000.  She also makes all the                                                   family's costumes. 

                                        Mika and Tiffany currently reside in the tri-state area with their four 

Tavita (12)- is a mirror image of his father.  He has been dancing
 since he was three years old.  He also plays ukulele and sings in 
some shows.  He has been fireknife dancing since he was 10
 years old,

                                                           Sinalei (10)- Her name means "beautiful flower".  She 
                                                           began dancing at age two.

                                                           Sosefina (7)- She has been dancing since two years 
                                                           old.  She also loves helping with costumes behind the 

Viliamu (5)- He was born dancing!  At a year old his grandmother
would come to all the shows to watch him while the family performed.   
He would dance and do all the motions in the stroller.  He is a natural 
performer and future fireknife dancer!

We love to dance and perform. We are grateful for the opportunity to share the love of our culture while entertaining others and educating them about the Polynesian Islands.

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